Trapped - Part 1

Now the insides of chimneys are really not the best of places to go poking around in we can assure you!
Not only are they long black voids of sooty smelly darkness, they can also be home to spiders (very big spiders) numerous other insects and biting mini-beasts!

So imagine being trapped in one and not being able to get out.

Well, it's the same experience for a trapped bird/ squirrel and the reason it's trapped is probably because you have no protection on your chimney pot.

If you do find yourself in this situation, then please, please don't leave the bird or the squirrel in the flue to die; try your best to get it out.

If you can't get it out easily then you will need to call a chimney sweep in to release it if it's stuck only sometimes access to it may be difficult.

If you don't take any action and leave the bird or squirrel in the chimney to die when it starts to decay and rot down you stand a very high chance of getting a fly infestation in your home. So it makes sense to deal with it very quickly only one trapped dead bird/squirrel can be home to 5,000 flies - which is just utterly disgusting!

One such customer in Olney had the terrible misfortune of waking up in the middle of the night only to discover her small bedroom fire place was gushing out swarms of flies! It's the ultimate "real" nightmare and it really does happen!

Nightmares aside, we are coming across skeletons of trapped birds and squirrels far too often at the moment and it is just so, so sad to see.

Here's one we found recently (August 2016). Horrible isn't it? - The chimney it was found it had been used as of last year but the new owners of the property hadn't used the fire and wanted it checking before they used it.
Good job they did call us.

A beautiful baby barn owl - hardly a bird we can afford to lose!

ASHWOOD CHIMNEYS: Bird Removal Charge: £25.00 within our local area.

Trapped - Part 1