Trapped - Part 2

"Please, do come in ..." is effectively what you are saying to the birds and the squirrels if you have no guard protection on your chimney pot.

Just recently we've been getting a steady flurry of calls saying that a bird has flown into the house via an open fire and created merry chaos whilst they were out at work or away on holiday.
Uh-oh... well, yes they will do. They get very, very scared and in the 8 hours available to a bird or a squirrel they can do an awful lot of damage to a property, much, much more than you can imagine.

Both squirrels and birds are also rather partial to plucking apart very expensive leather sofas, breaking treasured - irreplaceable family ornaments and going to the loo everywhere. And if you think that's bad enough a squirrel will chew at anything wooden on top of all the other things just mentioned. It's really not good and there's more, especially if you own a cat! A cat who also has the freedom to roam the home, as and when it suits, you have the perfect mix for them to create a right old mess!

We've had customers who think they have been burgled because of the mess they find when they come home when in actual fact it's the hard work of a bird/squirrel and their beloved moggy.

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Trapped - Part 2