Stove Installation

There are many, many considerations to take into account when installing a wood burning/ multi-fuel stove into your property and if you have never had one before then...

1. How do you get going?

2. Where do you start?

3. Who do you ask?

4. More importantly, how do you know what you are being told is the right thing?

Well, this is where we can help with that independent advice!

Have a look at the following sites. They're good plus they cover it all but do keep in mind the following...

1. Do your research - Do it carefully!

2. Take your time

3. Asks lots of questions

4. Don't be tempted by a cheap price and free bits and bobs. The bits and bobs are usually of a poor quality!

Stove Installation
Stove Installation

If you like the idea of a new stove like the ones shown (STOVAX Range) this winter then you really need to start installing it during the quiet season which are the summer months.
This way if your installer needs to undertake any additional external works to the stack for example then it's the ideal time to get it done.

Leave it until it starts getting cold and the demand goes up and supply, slows right down and that idyllic image you have of Christmas with your fire simply won't happen!

So get a wiggle on if you want one and check out the sites below!

WHICH Beginners Guide... How to Buy A Wood Burning/ Multi-Fuel Stove

HETAS How to find a registered installer

NACS How to find a registered sweep and installer